1971 P1800E in Vancouver, BC

Still Available

Last Updated: 10/27/2023
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Car Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Asking Price: $20,000

1971 vancouver bc

Car Features

  • Model Year: 1971
  • Body Style: Notch Coupe
  • Trim: P1800E
  • Odometer: 100,000
  • Engine: See Below

Contact Info

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Name: David
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below
  • Preferred Method: Not Specified

More Details & Pictures

I’m going to get the car out of it’s dry storage and take more pictures, but if you are genuinely interested in the car, please read my complete listing and contact me.

I’ll start by saying this- If you are serious about buying this car, then you likely know a lot about Volvo’s and/or P1800’s in general. This is likely not a car for someone who doesn’t know, love and appreciate Volvo’s and the P1800.

I bought the car in 2010 in good running condition. The guy I bought it from had spent a lot of time on some metal work and the mechanics of the car. I’ve done more since I bought it and only put about 1000km on it.

That all said, this is not a perfect car. It runs and drives and you could happily use the car as is, but to be a “nice looker” it needs work. The details:

Mechanically: Lots of work done, and it really doesn’t need much more, if any (that I can remember). I am a licensed mechanic who has had many Volvo’s (122’s, 240’s etc). It has had $15-20K worth of mechanical work and improvements done in the last 10-15 years.

Engine: The engine was replaced with a rebuilt engine by the previous owner. Apparently the engine was destined for a vintage race car,but divorce killed that plan, so it made it into this car. The engine runs very well, pulls super hard. It has a Shadbolt Street performance cam in it (I also have the race cam that was going to go in it but is probably too lumpy for the street), a nearly new IPD coated header (less than 500km on that), and an older performance exhaust. I’ve had the cylinder head off and touched up a few years ago, and everything looks great inside. The previous owner replaced the clutch, etc.

This is a fuel injected car. I removed the original fuel injection and replaced it with the $2000 incredibly reliable, tune-able and smooth running SDS EFI system. http://www.sdsefi.com/

The EFI system is very discreet and uses the original fuel injectors and fuel rail. Most people would never notice it’s there by looking. The result is the car runs incredibly smoothly and cleanly- as close to a modern engine as a performance B20 ever could. I can walk a new owner through the system, but it’s turn key. In fact, the car hasn’t been started in 6 months, so I just went downstairs and tried it: it started instantly and ran smoothly. I also a have all the original parts and wiring to put it back to stock if you want to.

The suspension has had quite a bit of work done to it. It has “vintage performance Developments” progressive lowering springs.
The ball joints have all been replaced at some point recently. I have spares in boxes as well. The bushings have been replaced, most with polyurethane (where it is an actual improvement), but some with rubber (where rubber is better). I believe the shocks are KYB’s but can’t recall ATM.

Brakes have been completely gone over. Lots of time spent here. Properly rebuilt calipers, new pads, new rotors (rear), nicely machined front rotors. Bearings redone in front. Some new steel brake lines and new rubber brake hoses everywhere and a new master cylinder. Calipers are painted with nice gloss black caliper paint. Stops perfectly.

Wheels: the car is sitting on 14″ alloy mini lites with old tires with lots of tread. I can replace the tires (195/70r14) for my cost on the tires (I get a hefty discount) and any brand available for an interested buyer….OR…I have some partially restored 3 piece compomotives with brand new wide/low profile rubber that I could include for $1000 more….

Interior: The last owner put some work into the interior and it looks pretty good. Original headliner is great. Everything in the back rear seat area is original, faded, but nice. The front seats and front door panels were redone reasonably well. The dash is nice.

The good:
The previous owner was a metal sculpture and did a nice job replacing most of the lower panels on the car. He replaced the front lowers, sides, etc with parts from these guys: http://www.alfaparts.net/p1800.html

The shiny bits (stainless steel/chrome) are all in nice condition.

The bad:

The rear lower panel below the trunk has rust bubbles, and the rear wheel arches have rust bubbles.There was a patch welded on the front upper left fender that needs finishing.

Paint- The car needs some more body work (see above) and a paint job. that said, it is a very good candidate for some body work and a paint job. It must had a respray in the 90’s (kind of a metallic purple). That must have bubbled, so the previous owner did the metal work and sprayed a bunch of the car black.

Spares: Like a lot of old cars, this one comes with boxes and boxes of spare parts. I’ve got a nice rear bumper (I may put this on before I sell it), original steering wheel, lots of engine extra’s, including cam, head, fans, intakes, exhaust manifold, full injections system (with a bunch of spare MAP/pressure sensors), and whatever else I’m forgetting.

The price:
If you’ve read this, far, then you must be interested! First off, yes, $20,000 is a lot of money for a car that needs paint and body. But as you probably know, the P1800’s now for sale are appreciating fast, and running cars seem to be selling in the $15,000 USD range, with restored cars going in the $30-50K range. If you are looking for a powder puff car this is probably not your choice, but if you are looking for a fun, fast, performance upgraded p1800 driver that with $10K in paint and body will look great, then I think $20,000 is fair.

I don’t need to sell it, and I will not consider accepting any offers, the price is 100% firm.

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  1. Hi David,
    I just noticed your expired ad for the P1800. Do you still have it, and if so, could I have a look at it.
    Very impressed with the mechanics, I’ve previously owned a 1970.

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