1972 Richmond CA

1972 P1800E in Richmond, CA

Volvo p1800 e 2 liter fuel injection great Mechanical condition A.C. Working good repair a tie rod kit ,shock absorber kit center link steering ,control arm ,electric power steering wheel. Little rust around the windshield. […]

1971 Volvo P1800E For Sale in Los Angeles, CA

1971 P1800E in Los Angeles, CA

The 1971 Volvo P1800, famously featured in a James Bond movie, combines vintage charm with reliable performance. This classic car, known for its sleek design and durable build, still runs and drives gracefully, offering a […]

1970 Volvo P1800E For Sale in San Mateo, CA

1970 P1800E in San Mateo, CA

2 liter, fuel injection, last year high compression, working A.C, (first year and since converted) shoulder harness seat belts, 4speed and overdrive, 4 wheel disk, great mechanical condition, engine and transmission are very strong and […]