1973 1800ES in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON


Last Updated: 4/17/2024
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Car Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Asking Price: $40,000 $31,000 USD (Final Sale Price)

1973 Niagara-on-the-Lake ON

Car Features

  • Model Year: 1973
  • Body Style: Sports Estate
  • Trim: P1800ES
  • Odometer: 49,000
  • Engine: B20

Contact Info

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Name: SOLD!
  • Phone: SOLD!
  • Email: SOLD!
  • Preferred Method: Any

More Details & Pictures

This is my Brother’s car and I have been asked to present it for sale – I can attest to the fact that is truly as presented here.  Fraser Earle (Davy Volvo Special)

FOR SALE 1973 VOLVO 1800ES  

Having restored a Volvo P1800S in the past, my goal was to improve the breed subtly with attention paid to performance and detail. In my opinion the cars were underpowered and lacking in suspension sophistication that would make them a true “Sports Touring” automobile. I identified and invested in performance enhancements to deliver a balanced high-level performer and this 1800 ES will not disappoint; this car performs remarkably well with no bad habits.

Overview Video with Bill the Mechanic


Production # 6078 of 8077 ’72 -’73, VIN 8635300729

First owner originally drove car between ’73 -’83 (not carefully stored), driven briefly in 2002, then stored once more from ’03 -’09. I purchased the car in ’09  with original mileage at 37,800.

First build phase ’09 -’16.

Complete body restoration and paint inside and out, including engine bay-new panels as well as underside. The interior was removed as well as glass, bumpers, and chrome. Careful attention paid to fit and finish of all panels.

Motor at 37,800 miles was sent out for rebuild and 1st phase modification – final phase was completed January/April ’21.

Car use since spring ’16 approx. 4-5 months per year with current mileage 49,700.

The car is fully sorted with no hic-cups and has been improved on the original to be a very credible sports-touring vehicle.


ENGINE – 2-liter (stock bore):

Head modified to approx.12-1 CR – milled .090 and replaced .080 gasket with .027 (stock CR 8:7-1), increased valve size with double springs, ported, special exhaust attention and combustion chamber addressed.

IPD performance cam installed.

4:1 header installed with increased diameter exhaust system.

The fuel injection was modified (injectors) to augment the new performance engine modifications as well as a performance fuel pump and new tank.

123 performance ignition was installed and tuned to the new motor specs.

An electric fan installed.

Stock 4 speed transmission with overdrive to a 4.30 rear-end ratio.


Lowered 1.5” with progressive race springs and IPD performance sway bars. Bilstein shock absorbers, ’74 Volvo Mags, 1/2” wider (5.5”) with 205×60 tires.


The car is located in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

Phone/text:  416-805-4854   e-mail:  fraserearle@outlook.com


These photos have been taken currently with the notations that the car was purchased from the original owner in 2009 with original mileage of 37,800.

The restoration was begun at this time and currently has mileage of 49,700. The car has been sparingly driven and never in the winter.

During the 14 years and 12,000 miles of ownership the underside of the car has had three oil spray applications to further guard against future rust damage. This is evidenced in the photos

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