1971 P1800E in Mountlake Terrace, WA


Last Updated: 10/13/2023
Ad Source: Craigslist
Car Location: Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Asking Price: $33,000

1971 mountlake terrace wa

Car Features

  • Model Year: 1971
  • Body Style: Notch Coupe
  • Trim: P1800E
  • Odometer: 125,000
  • Engine: B20 4 Cylinder

Contact Info

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Name: Expired
  • Phone: Expired
  • Email: Expired
  • Preferred Method: Not Specified

More Details & Pictures

For sale is this gorgeous factory red 1971 Volvo P1800E with B20 engine.

Formerly owned by the treasurer of the Washington Volvo Club, this car has been babied. While it’s not a fully restored $90k concourse car, it’s had a lot of the important restoration work completed. It’s quite the head turner.

Included with the car is two folders of receipts, photos, and certificates which chronicle nearly 40 years of repairs and updates, totaling nearly $50,000. Also included is a trunk-full of spare parts… including extra chrome bits, windows, gaskets, and more.


The car looks amazing from 10 feet away, but definitely has some spots that are noticeable up close… small paint blemishes, a cracked tail light, weathered gaskets… nothing significant, but it’s not going to win any show awards as-is. The car has no significant rust, including the frame. It was originally purchased in San Francisco, and then moved to Seattle. It has always been garaged and never seen salt on the roads. I tried to take a photo of the undercarriage to give a good sense of the condition. I have tried to capture the worst bits on the exterior in the photos… the largest spot is smaller than a dime. The car was originally a cream color, but was repainted to the 5-coat volvo factory red. Additionally, about half of the exterior rubber gaskets have been replaced, but half of them are original and are cracking and fading and should be updated eventually.

The interior upholstery is in great shape. The front seats are newly upholstered, and the rear seats are 100% original. They are in pretty mint condition, so there was no need to update them when the front seats were updated. The dash has seen better days, and is really the only part that lets down the visual “wow” factor. I’d probably just get a new one on eBay and replace the current one. All the gauges work, though the gas gauge and tach sometimes act up.

The chrome is what makes this car so cool! Some parts are brand new and in mint condition. Other parts are original and have light pitting. I’d say its all in pretty good shape though.

All electric components work (lights, wipers, etc…) and it also has a brand new battery. I believe (though I’m not sure) that it’s wired for a stereo, but it does not currently have a stereo, and the speakers have been removed. Also, the locks (not electric) are a pain in the rear. They all work, but I tend to just keep everything unlocked since they’re so annoying.

It has brand new tires, and the original volvo sport rims. The rims are moderately scratched up, but looks like a fairly easy restoration.

The engine was recently significantly updated (not a full tear down and rebuild, though.) the tubes and rubber bits were replaced, new radiator and fan, new belts, tune up, and a bunch of other things… all logged in the work receipts. Importantly, there are zero leaks, and the floor under the car is completely dry.

How does it run and drive?
On the highway it runs strong and smooth, and gears 2,3,4, & OD work well. It corners well, and cruises quietly, though it does have a rattle when accelerating (I believe this is the hood support wand rattling against the frame, but I’m not certain.) 

I took it on a 120 mile road trip this weekend from Bainbridge island to Seattle with no issues. 

First gear and hills are really where this car struggles. To start smoothly from a stop takes some learning. I can do it now, but it took me some time to get the feel… the clutch pedal is deep, which I didn’t know, but apparently that’s a normal “volvo thing”. A smooth start while on a steep hill is all but impossible (at least for me), and I don’t like driving it on hills for that reason.

Why am I selling?
I literally just bought this car as a present for someone, but in order to get it to that person I would first have to drive it around San Francisco for 6 months, and then drive it across the country. Given how annoying Seattle’s hills have been so far, I don’t think I can feasibly get it through the steeper and longer hills of San Francisco, and then have it driven by an older person in a hilly neighborhood. If I had the time to get the gearing adjusted and tuned, I would do that, but I also do not have the vacation time from work to devote to this. Therefore, I am hoping to sell it rather quickly before I need to be back in the office in San Francisco.

Summary of known issues
1. The dashboard is 100% original and working, but looks cosmetically bad.
2. The radio/speakers have been removed.
3. Hill starts are difficult, and first gear is touchy (This could be a tuning issue, a clutch plate issue, a linkage issue, or something else entirely (given that it’s only the first gear, and the rest are smooth and reliable, I don’t suspect it to be a transmission issue)
4. The door/trunk locks work, but are finicky.

Feel free to email with any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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